“Education needs to be treated like health, and the outcomes of new teaching strategies should be tested and evaluated before implementation in classrooms. We are in exciting times for neuroscience, where the merger of neuroscience with education takes us from the molecular and cellular understanding of brain function to the classroom.”
- Professor Pankaj Sah, Editor-in-Chief of npj Science of Learning

npj Science of Learning is the first journal to bring together the findings of neuroscientists, psychologists, and education researchers to understand how the brain learns. It connects neuroscientists and psychologists with teachers and policymakers. A deep understanding of learning requires the integration of findings from several levels of analysis: from cellular to behavioral, in animal models and humans, in the laboratory and in the classroom. Through cross-disciplinary interactions, this combined knowledge can then be used to revolutionise learning, memory, and education.

npj Science of Learning is truly interdisciplinary and serves as a forum for publishing, discussion, and re-thinking of brain function and its relationship to education. Content will include original research, opinion pieces, and perspectives from scientists, educators, and policymakers.

Access will be free and articles easily shareable with colleagues. The journal will be influential and reach a much broader audience than traditional journals: policymakers, researchers, government bodies, teachers, and senior executives at all levels of education.