Are Australia's education policies and practices evidence-based?

A timely article published in Fairfax Media today (6 September). Money continues to be spent on education in Australia, yet student performance is stagnating.

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A link to the article, "Time to lift bonnet on schools and student performance: Productivity Commission" published on the Sydney Morning Herald website is here.

Some highlights include:

"A draft report by the Productivity Commission reiterates what the federal government has repeatedly said – despite a 14 per cent increase in spending per student over the past decade our performance in national and international assessments has barely improved."

"The federal government asked the commission to investigate whether Australia's education policies and practices were evidence-based and how we might create a more rigorous "national education evidence base" to boost student performance. "

Quite an interesting read, in particular for our Australian readers, to coincide with the launch of our npj Science of Learning Community!

Warren Raye

Head of Outreach & Partnerships, EMEA & Australasia, Open Research Group, Springer Nature

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