2019 art competition winners

In 2019, Aussie school kids showed us why their brains are so amazing I 1 min read

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We enjoy sharing our enthusiasm for brain research with children, so every year we run a creative art competition for Australian primary schools.

The competition is open to all kids attending either Primary School or home school and kids can can enter individually or as part of a combined school effort!

To learn more, follow this link. Entries close: 16 April 2021.


Here are the winning artworks from the 2019 competition.

With over 1200 entries from 76 schools, it was very difficult to shortlist the artworks that were then voted on by 100 brain researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function.

Category 1. Foundation year (Prep) and Year 1
1st place: Bella D. (QLD)
2nd place: Rhea S. (VIC)
3rd place: Catherine S. (VIC)

Bella D. (QLD)
Rhea S. (VIC)
Catherine S. (VIC)

Category 2. Years 2 – 4
1st place: Stefanie K. (VIC)
2nd place: Kamran M. (VIC)
3rd place: Grace B. (VIC)

Stefanie K. (VIC)
Kamran M. (VIC)
Grace B. (VIC)

Category 3. Years 5 – 6
1st place (tie): Brodie S. (NSW) and Sophie R. (NSW)
2nd place: Cynthia Z. (SA)
3rd place (tie): Isabel R. (VIC) and Tasha W. (NSW)

Brodie S. (NSW) 
Sophie R. (NSW)
Cynthia Z. (SA)
Isabel R. (VIC)
Tasha W. (NSW)

This information originally appeared on The Brain Dialogue. Read the original article: https://www.brainfunction.edu.au/education-and-training/primary/2019-art-comp-winners/

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