The Brain Prize 2019 - Call for nominations

A research prize awarded annually by The Lundbeck Foundation.

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The Lundbeck Foundation has announced The Brain Prize are accepting nominations until September 2018. The Prize is awarded to neuroscientists who have excelled in their contribution to research and more than one individual can be nominated from anywhere in the world. 

The Lundbeck Foundation is one of Denmarks largest commercial foundations and apart from The Brain Prize, it also funds science education and research communication activities.

The Brain Prize recognises highly original and influential advances in any area of neuroscience, including fundamental research on molecular, cellular, physiological and pharmacological mechanisms, studies of behaviour and cognition, advances in technology for monitoring the nervous system, translational research on the application of basic knowledge to clinical and other problems of humankind, and clinical research on the causes, treatment and prevention of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Details about how to nominate a candidate(s) currently working in neuroscience are available here

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