Special issue journal: SIG22 Conference, Mind Brain and Education

Call for papers in (cognitive) neuroscience and education.

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The SIG22 Conference held in London recently may be over for 2018, but the organisers have sent out a call for papers related to the Conference or other research work about cognitive neuroscience and education. Research papers, reviews and commentaries are welcome.

Please send the title and abstract of your future submission to: Nienke van Atteveldt - email: n.m.van.atteveldt@vu.nl or Sabine Peters - email: s.peters@fsw.leidenuniv.nl by the 10th September 2018. 

The final deadline for all submissions is 5 November 2018 via this link, and will only be considered if the title and abstract were sent in time.

The papers will be published in a special issue journal called SIG22 Conference, Mind Brain and Education, and the expected publishing date is: Late Spring/Summer 2019.

For more information and guidelines about the journal, please visit the website - SIG Conference.

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