Podcast - Adventures in Animal Neuroscience.

A researcher takes Pavlov's experiments to the next level to decode the mind of dogs.

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Dogs have evolved with man for over 15,000 years and understanding what they are thinking and feeling is of interest to anyone who owns a dog. Gregory Berns is a Distinguished Professor of Neuroeconomics at Emory University in Atlanta, America. He wanted to improve our understanding of how the mammalian brain works by decoding the dogs' mind. 

Phillip Adams spoke with Gregory Berns about his amazing research experience and what his study has revealed about dogs. Berns has also studied the brains of other animals like dolphins and the extinct thylacine, commonly referred to as the Tasmanian tiger. 

To learn more about his research work, please follow the link and listen to the interview: 

Adventures in Animal Neuroscience

Program: Late Night Live, The Philosopher's Zone, ABC Radio.

Broadcast Date: 4 June 2018

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