Music and memory

Music’s powerful effect on the human mind plays on

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Associate Professor Muireann Irish recently spoke about how music and memory are perpetually linked throughout our lives at the Sydney Science Festival. Her research discusses how all parts of the brain are stimulated by music like language, movement and memory. Music affects our behaviour, rewarding our senses by creating an emotional response. Some studies have found playing famous musical compositions by Mozart and Chopin while people were completing certain tasks, significantly enhanced their performance as a result. Music is being used as a medical intervention to benefit the physical movement of patients suffering from certain conditions or to reduce anxiety so people can relax and sleep a little better. 

Listen to this interesting talk about music’s powerful effect on the human mind here.  

Speaker: Associate Professor Muireann Irish, ARC Future Fellow, Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney, Australia

Program: Big Ideas, ABC National Radio

Episode: Music and Memory

Presenter: Paul Barclay 

Broadcast Date: 11 September, 2018

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