Higher Education Learning Framework

Higher Education Learning Framework: a novel learning framework designed​ to guide education professionals at all levels

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The Science of Learning Research Centre have announced it will launch a novel Handbook: Higher Education Learning Framework (HELF) that is set to both complement and innovate education practices. 

The new Handbook captures the expertise of leading authorities in neuroscience, education and psychology. Each of their particular research specialisations is represented as a theme or principle, designed to inform decisions impacting student learning. The principles in the HELF framework can be adapted to suit the context of the educational setting, either to assist identify areas where teachers can grow professionally, as a tool for designing courses or to tailor teacher development and learning practices at an organisational level.    

The seven themes are as follows: Learning as becoming, Contextual learning, Emotions and learning, Interactive learning, Learning to learn and higher order thinking, Learning challenge and difficulty and, Deep and meaningful learning.

The Australian Research Council funded the publication of the HELF Handbook and if you would like to attend the launch on Tuesday at the QBI Auditorium, the University of Queensland, St Lucia, please follow this link.

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