The need to know how to get there is the goal

A new study demonstrates the important role teachers play in the game of learning | 1 min read

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Students are always curious about their academic progress and the eventual pathway their career might take and teachers can play a pivotal role in students decisions. A research team from Utrecht University, the University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) and Ghent University (Belgium) led by Christa Krijgsman investigated whether a link exists between students motivation to learn and their teachers providing them with goals to aim for in their studies and feedback about their work. 

The 570 students and 24 teachers who volunteered to participate in the study came from eleven secondary high schools located in The Netherlands. The researchers interviewed the students through a series of six questionnaires asking for their perceptions of the teachers goal clarification and process feedback during lessons. 

If you would like to know what the research team discovered, their article “Where to go and how to get there: Goal clarification, process feedback and students’ need satisfaction and frustration from lesson to lesson” published by the Journal, Learning and Instruction, is freely available here.

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