Amazing Brain Art Competition for Primary School Students

The Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function has announced entries are welcome for the 2019 Art Competition

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A creative art competition has been announced by the Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function.

Children from any Australian primary school are invited to enter the competition and all they have to do is create a piece of art inspired by the brain. 

The art work must be presented on A4 size paper and students can use paints, pencils, pen, textas or crayons.  

Winners receive a brain related prize pack, while their school receives valuable teaching resources, along with a visit by talented researchers who specialise in the brain. 

Hard copies of artworks should be posted to:

Brain Function CoE Art Competition 

Monash University 

770 Blackburn Road Clayton, VIC 3800 

Or alternatively, email a copy (no photographs) in high resolution to:

Closing date is 3 May 2019.

Good luck to all the students entering and for more news and information about the art competition, please follow this link.

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