Sleep deprivation and what happens to your brain

Discover why sleep is so important to the health of your brain with Dr Leonie Kirszenblat, a sleep and attention researcher ⎮ 14 min listen

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We all know what it feels like after a bad night’s sleep – you’re tired, sluggish and it’s hard to concentrate. Lack of sleep can have lasting effects on the mind and body. So why is sleep so important? Dr Leonie Kirszenblat talks from a scientific and personal perspective about sleep deprivation and what happens to the brain when we don't get enough here.

A Grey Matter

Podcast Series , The Queensland Brain Institute

A Grey Matter is for anyone who has ever wondered how we think, feel, reason and move. The Queensland Brain Institute's neuroscience podcast unlocks the wonders of the brain – the complex and mysterious core of who we are. QBI, at The University of Queensland, works to understand the development, organisation and function of the brain.