Learning from mistakes

Muneera Bano highlights the importance of giving students a chance to learn from their mistakes and improve their marks

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How many times have you made mistakes and learnt something from the experience? Trial and error is one of the ways everyone learns and a research team led by Muneera Bano from Swinbourne University of Technology discovered the value of showing students where they made mistakes with the aim of improving their performance during exams. 

348 students participated in the study conducted over two semesters. The researchers applied the 'corrective feedback learning approach', where students receive feedback following completion of an activity, and armed with this knowledge, they attempt to improve on their results with successive attempts.

You would be surprised at the results the study reported and don't make the mistake of not reading this article Keen IT students can improve their marks when given a chance to learn from their mistakes, published by The Conversation. Select Read the Paper and follow the full story.

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