Suckers for pseudoscience

Pseudoscience presents simplistic explanations of things in the world, without any real scientific evidence. So why is 'fake science' such a popular cultural trend? ⎮ 29 min 7 sec Listen

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When it comes to pseudoscience you might consider yourself to be a sceptic But don’t give yourself too much credit because we’re all vulnerable to believing dubious claims. This is because of powerful cognitive biases in the brain - and we could actually be satisfied with quite shallow explanations for things - and for being suckers for pseudoscience. Tune in and listen to Suckers for pseudoscience.

Guest: Dr Micah Goldwater, a Cognitive Scientist from the School of Psychology, University of Sydney, Australia.

* Sana Qadar is presenting the program while Lynne Malcolm takes a short break.

All in the Mind

Lynne Malcolm produced & presented this podcast series via, Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio

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