The mind's musical ear

Our inner ear and the science behind how we imagine music in the brain⎮29 min Listen

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How good are you at imagining or hearing music in your head? Can you think of the tune to ‘Happy Birthday’ and bring the notes to mind without actually singing? We consider the mind’s musical ear and what it reveals about us. And ... earworms - those pesky songs stuck in your head - where they come from and persuading them to leave. Learn more about imagining music with Sana Qadar and The mind's musical ear.


Dr Rebecca Gelding Cognitive scientist

Dr Sophie Payten (Gordi) Medical doctor and musician

Gordi website

Image - Jess Gleeson

All in the Mind

Lynne Malcolm produced & presented this podcast series via, Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio

All in the Mind is RN’s exploration of all things mental—a program about the mind, brain and behaviour, and the endlessly fascinating interactions between them. From dreaming to depression, memory to imagination, psychotherapy to psychopathy, emotion to obsession, All in the Mind explores the human condition through the mind’s eye. While many aspects of our minds remain seductively mysterious, new light is being shed on the way we think and the way we relate to each other all the time. All in the Mind brings together a diverse range of ideas and human experiences through the voices of great thinkers and powerful personal stories.