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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have closed and teachers and parents are struggling to help children to learn remotely. BOLD writers explore how schools are coping and provide resources for parents to help their children learn at home.

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The current global experiment in remote learning is bound to reveal both strengths and weaknesses of teaching online, writes Caroline Smrstik Gentner. She interviewed educators from three very different school settings across the globe. Although schools already using independent learning and technological methods are at an advantage in this crisis, all educators face challenges. Read more here

As parents help students continue their learning at home, they can access a variety of websites with resources for all ages. Science writer and editor Annie Brookman-Byrne encourages parents to remain flexible and to avoid worrying too much about this break in their children’s traditional education. Even unstructured play helps children to learn. Reassurance and support are paramount. Read more here

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