Brains old, new, and augmented

In this podcast, we explore a collection of brains, emerging brain technology and the neurogeneration who will use it | 29 min listen

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Believe it or not … a Formula 1 car can be driven by someone just using their brain. We consider the neurogeneration: people who in the future who are likely to be using some kind of brain-powered technology to do their job or to extend their knowledge. But we don’t leave the past behind, there’s also a peek into the brain collection of Cornell University. Listen to the fascinating discussion - Brains old, new, and augmented.


Prof of Neuroscience Tim DeVoogdDept of Psychology, Cornel University

Tan Le, Founder and CEO of EMOTIV, Author of The Neurogeneration

Image: Pixaby/Ezra Magazine (Cornell University)/ddean

All in the Mind

Lynne Malcolm produced & presented this podcast series via, Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio

All in the Mind is RN’s exploration of all things mental—a program about the mind, brain and behaviour, and the endlessly fascinating interactions between them. From dreaming to depression, memory to imagination, psychotherapy to psychopathy, emotion to obsession, All in the Mind explores the human condition through the mind’s eye. While many aspects of our minds remain seductively mysterious, new light is being shed on the way we think and the way we relate to each other all the time. All in the Mind brings together a diverse range of ideas and human experiences through the voices of great thinkers and powerful personal stories.