SiG 22: Neuroscience and Education Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 23–25 June 2016

The Department of Educational Neuroscience, Faculty of Psychology and Education of the Vrije University of Amsterdam will be hosting the 4th biennial meeting of the Special Interest Group (SIG) 22 "Neuroscience and Education" of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI)

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The SIG 22 brings together researchers from the fields of educational research, cognitive (and developmental) psychology and (cognitive) neuroscience as well as interdisciplinary people with training in each of these fields, all of which investigate human learning and development. Taking interdisciplinarity as a basic principle, the SIG conceives the relation between educational research and neuroscience as a two-way street with rich bi-directional and reciprocal interactions between educational research and (cognitive) neuroscience.

Alan Woodruff

Community Editor, Queensland Brain Institute