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Improving our cognitive abilities through brain training is an attractive idea, but does it really work? A recent video and blog post discuss the possibilities and challenges of training your brain.

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In an animated video, Pia Viviani and Dietsje Jolles point out a limitation of brain training: the skills gained may not transfer to everyday life. They suggest that a more long-lasting way to build the brain’s executive functions is to engage in physical activities such as martial arts, dance, and outdoor play or activities that offer a cognitive challenge, such as learning to play a musical instrument. Watch the video here.

Although scientists disagree on the usefulness of brain training, some research has shown that specific training activities can be helpful for some individuals under certain circumstances. More information is needed to understand the individual differences involved. To fill this gap, research scientist Anja Pahor and her colleagues at the University of California are collecting a massive amount of data through an online study in memory training. Learn more here.

Illustration: Mrzyk & Moriceau for BOLD


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