BOLD Blog in Brief

On the BOLD platform in June, Emily Farran writes about the role spatial thinking plays in STEM while Nina Alonso explains what motivated her to create a new podcast sharing stories from teachers around the world.
BOLD Blog in Brief

Spatial thinking is linked to greater success in mathematics and may give children a head start in STEM skills, writes Emily Farran, a professor of cognitive development. She suggests that educators can capitalize on this important link, boosting children’s achievement in STEM subjects as they improve their spatial skills. Read more about the link between spatial thinking and STEM here.

In the new BOLD podcast series, Teachers’ Voices, educational researcher Nina Alonso will share powerful stories from teachers around the world, as well as insights from experts on learning and child development. In a new interview with BOLD’s editor-in-chief, Nina discusses the importance of listening to teachers and bridging the gap between educational researchers and practitioners. Read Nina's interview here.

Image by Cottonbro on Pexels.