BOLD Blog in Brief

As the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing schools to rely on distance learning and technological solutions to keep instruction going, experts ponder what lessons can be learned to improve education. Can schools return to normal? Should they?
BOLD Blog in Brief

Pierre Dillenbourg, a professor of learning technologies and a former schoolteacher, urges schools to create a hybrid system of digital and face-to-face instruction that builds upon shared best practices. If schools simply shelve online learning tools once the pandemic ends, the tools will quickly become outdated and then inaccessible when the next crisis strikes. Dillenbourg encourages teachers to continue to ask “what can I do online with students” as they craft a variety of quality learning activities. Read more here.

However, Daniel Ansari, professor of psychology and education, cautions educators against making assumptions about the value of technological tools and methods required in an emergency. He notes that online education remains an approach with “limited, largely untested, pedagogical benefits.” A crisis can trigger calls for widespread reform, but first stakeholders must reach a consensus on the problem. Second, solutions for online learning should be tested and based on evidence, says Ansari. Read more here.

Image by Birthe Van Der Veken,, CC BY 2.0

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