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A recent video published on the BOLD Blog describes the benefits of adaptive teaching, while an article explores how psychologists have been able to continue their research despite the ongoing pandemic.

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Educators have found that adaptive teaching is a way to meet children’s individual needs and the different ways in which they learn. In an animated explainer video, research scientist Hanna Dumont and science communicator Tania Jenkins describe what is needed to make adaptive teaching a reality. Watch the video here.

As the pandemic has restricted face-to-face contact, many sectors have turned to technology to work remotely. Fortunately, says psychologist Moira Dillon, researchers in developmental psychology were already testing an online platform in which to study children in their home environments. Remote research offers several advantages, including more diversity among subjects and a window into natural settings where much of early learning occurs. However, researchers view data collected online as complementary to that provided by in-person studies, and not a replacement. Read more here.

Illustration by kurzgesagt.


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