Can boredom ever be good? Part 1

What is boredom and how does this emotional experience affect the way our brains think? ⎮ 29 min listen
Can boredom ever be good? Part 1

Many Australians have reported a higher level of boredom during the long stretch of isolation brought about by COVID-19. So, if you have felt some boredom, was it good or bad? Psychologists believe they’ve classified several different shades of the beast and not all are bad. So we check out ways to embrace the better versions in Can boredom ever be good? Part One.


Prof Thomas Götz, Psychologist and Head of Educational Psychology and Societal Change, University of Vienna, Austria

Dr Sandi MannPsychologist, University of Central Lancashire, U.K.

Emeritus Prof Ruut VeenhovenSociologist, Erasmus University Rotterdam