From stem cells, billions of brain cells grow

Join us as we explore how stem cells develop into brain cells and connect to form the brain ⎮ 20 min listen

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At the very earliest stages of life, how do stem cells know how to turn into the right cells at the right time and go to the right places. Just a few cells create the billions of brain cells we have. In this episode, we talk to Professor Helen Cooper, Deputy Director of Research at the Queensland Brain Institute. She studies the complex world of the signalling pathways that stem cells use to turn into neurons - and what happens when this goes wrong. Listen to From stem cells, billions of brain cells grow.

A Grey Matter

Podcast Series , The Queensland Brain Institute

A Grey Matter is for anyone who has ever wondered how we think, feel, reason and move. The Queensland Brain Institute's neuroscience podcast unlocks the wonders of the brain – the complex and mysterious core of who we are. QBI, at The University of Queensland, works to understand the development, organisation and function of the brain.