Machiavellianism, and the 'dark triad' of personality

Learn more about the Machiavellian personality and discover whether you are a master manipulator ⎮29 min listen

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Do you consider yourself a shrewd manipulator? Are you cynical about the nature of human beings? If so, you might rank highly in Machiavellianism - a personality trait that's based on the writing and views of Niccolo Machiavelli, the 16th-century Italian political philosopher. We look at what makes a Machiavellian personality, and how it fits into the so called ‘dark triad’ of traits in Machiavellianism, and the 'dark triad' of personality.


Dr Conal Monaghan, Lecturer, College of Health and Medicine, Australian National University

Dr Daniel Jones, Assistant Professor of Management, University of Nevada, Reno

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Dr Monaghan’s Machiavellianism personality test

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