Summary - How to optimize knowledge construction in the brain

A fascinating review of the mnemonic processes shaping memory in the human brain ⎮1 min read

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The brain is a fascinating realm connected by millions of neural pathways. Every day it absorbs and communicates information by interacting with its surrounding environment, and it is through these vital exchanges that memories are formed. The brain processes and stores memories away into knowledge banks called schema. Some memories are recalled as vividly and as strongly as the day they were made, while other memories fade away and are lost. So, what are the mnemonic processes controlling this invisible and complicated activity that is critical to our everyday lives?

Researchers Marlieke Tina Renée van Kesteren and Martijn Meeter investigated current and past literature related to memory and present an interesting review in How to optimize knowledge construction in the brain, an open access article, published by npj Science of Learning.

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