The brain in isolation

Social isolation can affect individuals in different ways, so how does the human brain learn how to cope with isolation and being alone? | 25 min listen

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Over the past few weeks many of us have been living more isolated lives than we’re used to. We might not be in government-mandated quarantine but there’s no doubt COVID-19 has upended our social lives. Yet isolation can be deeply troubling for humans because we’re social animals; and that’s just as true in our current circumstances as it is in very extreme forms of isolation. Learn more about how the brain is affected by listening to 'The brain in isolation'

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The video of Robert King's TED talk can be found here.


Hugo Bowne-AndersonTech Science worker living in New York.

Professor Ian Hickie, Professor of Psychiatry and Executive Director of the Brain and Mind Institute, University of Sydney.

Dr Stephanie Cacioppo, Pritzker Medical School, University of Chicago.

Paul Udinga, Park Ranger, John Forest National Park.

Image: Unsplash

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