Toxic positivity — when happiness becomes harmful

All in the Mind explores how platitudes meant to help someone recover from an experience often aren't the best approach │ 31 min 20 sec listen

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We're urged to stay positive and keep up a cheerful disposition ... but sometimes things are just awful, aren’t they?

On All in the Mind this week we look at why we engage in toxic positivity, why it's so damaging when we do and whether something called 'tragic optimism' could be the antidote.

Listen to the podcast: Toxic positivity - when happiness becomes harmful.



Professor Brock Bastian
Social Psychologist, School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne


Jessica Mead
Researcher, Swansea University, Wales



Sana Qadar


James Bullen

Sound Engineer:

Jen Parsonage

Poster Image by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels.

All in the Mind

Lynne Malcolm produced & presented this podcast series via, Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio

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