Kim Flintoff

Learning Futures Advisor, Curtin University

About Kim Flintoff

Although perceived by many as an educational commentator, I am currently working as an education futurist drawing on my experience as a seasoned educator who has worked at all levels and sectors of education K-12, higher education, state, CEO and independent, locally, nationally and internationally. My current roles in higher education draw upon my diverse experience in performing arts, applied science, technical and creative management, educational leadership, arts and education research to position me slightly to the left of thought leaders shaping the future direction of education and learning engagement within Curtin University and across our partners and collaborators in libraries, museums, galleries, sustainable development agencies, global education, etc.

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Sep 08, 2016
Except that a properly implemented STEM approach is inherently interdisciplinary and derives its motivation from art, beauty, curiosity, real problems, speculation, love, passion and frustration!

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