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Chloe Marshall

Reader in Psychology and Human Development, UCL Institute of Education

About Chloe Marshall

I am a Reader in Psychology and Human Development at the Institute of Education, University of London. My teaching and research activities focus on the following areas: >Language and literacy development >Developmental disorders of language, speech and literacy (with a focus on Specific Language Impairment and dyslexia) >The cognitive skills underlying typical and atypical language/literacy acquisition in hearing and deaf children >The phonology of English and British Sign Language (BSL) >Phonology and its developmental relationship to morphology, syntax and the lexicon I am currently collaborating with several colleagues at DCAL. I am working with Gary Morgan and Kathryn Mason to investigate executive functions in D/deaf children, and with Mairead MacSweeney, Eva Gutierrez-Sigut and Joanna Atkinson to investigate semantic and phonological fluency in deaf and hearing signers.

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